Hello September. For the span of the month, we’ll be posting 3 brand new works a day. You heard the term “TWO A DAY”—but we’re going to challenge ourselves and we’re doing THREE a DAY!

What are we doing? 30 days. THREE a day. Freestyle...ish?, off the dome (kind of). In order to kick our own asses into gear and stop with the lack of posts with just about 5 a year...we’re going to post 45 each in one month.

Why? IAMCRIME is our passion project of illustration and design. We started IAMCRIME to be our creative outlet and yet where is it? We have some stuff but it’s not enough. We both work full-time as creatives, freelance on the side, and the everyday things like family and relationships do eat up time. As much as we want a creative outlet, sometimes life doesn’t give you the time. That’s why we’re going to make time for it.

Oh it’s going to be brutal. We’re trying to evolve as “artists”, “illustrators”, “designers”, whatever you want to call it. We’re going to push each other to get through it one piece at a time.
Full details below:
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